Benefits of a Heated Bird Bath

20 inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl - No Stand

20 inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl – No Stand

There’s nothing like a birdbath in your backyard. A birdbath is a great attractant for wild birds. You can sit at your windows for hours and watch them frolic. Unfortunately if you live anywhere that has a cold winter your birdbath won’t work for part of the year. If you want to keep the birds flocking to your backyard all year long consider a heated birdbath. There are quite a few benefits of a heated birdbath.

Birds All Year Round

With a heated birdbath your bath will be one of those rare places that have open water. Since every living thing needs to stay hydrated, birds will flock to any water source not iced over. Chances are they won’t be splashing around like during the summer but at least you’ll still be able to get a few bright splashes of color on a dreary winter day.

Protect the Bird Bath

When water freezes it expands. This means that if your birdbath isn’t heated and left full of water you can risk it cracking when ice forms. A heated bath eliminates this danger. Since the water stays above freezing all winter long you don’t have to worry about the bath shattering in the dead of winter as ice and snow pile up everywhere else.


With a heated birdbath you don’t have to worry about winterizing it. Instead you can just plug the bath in to a standard GFCI protected outlet and you’re done. Keep it running all winter long then unplug it once the weather warms up. You don’t have to worry about dismantling and disassembling the birdbath, turning the bowl upside down or lugging a heavy piece of statuary inside.

With a heated birdbath you get to see birds all year, and you don’t have to worry about winterizing the bath. The cost to operate it is negligible compared to the benefit you will get from it.

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