We live in an area where there are many beautiful birds, and take great delight in sitting out on the patio listening to them sing.  It makes for a pleasant afternoon when the weather is warm and we are able to work outside instead of in the office.

It is relaxing to sit and watch as the birds swoop and dive at each other and of course the inevitable squabbles break out between the different types.

So we thought of investing in a bird bath and feeders  for Paula’s garden to attract even more birds to her garden. And that is when we decided to write this blog to help you find the best birdbath for your area.

In the beginning we concentrated on the Top 10 birdbaths, but there are so many great choices that we decided to bring you as many options as we can, that way you will get exactly what suits your garden area.

So take a look at the choices that range from extravagent garden pieces to a simple on deck bird bath and look out for the solar heated models or you may even need a bird bath ice breaker if you live in an icy area where it gets really cold.

Whatever you decide on, you can be assured that watching the antics of the birds as the sing, bathe and frolic in your garden will relieve stress and enhance your enjoyment of your outdoors.

We have also included some of the different types of feeders that are available and some information on the different types of birds you are likely to see throughout the US.

All the best in birdwatching

Paula & Wanda