Birdbath with Solar Light and Planter

Solar Bird Bath with Light and PlanterI have seen a lot of novel ideas where birdbaths are concerned. Some are great, others no so much, but here is one I like very much and want to share with you.

When you are considering garden decor you have lots of choice including solar lights, birdbaths and planter. So some smart cookie has thought ‘why not combine all three elements’. And that’s exactly what they have done with this all in one Birdbath with Solar Light and Planters.

This distinctive looking combination of bird bath, planters and lamp frame is made from plastic that has been given an attractive antique  metal look finish.

Just think of the colorful flowers that you can plant to compliment the colors of the local bird life as it swoops down to drink and splash around in the basin, while at night the solar lights will cast a glow over the whole thing.

Now this is just the sort of thing that you can have more than one of. Just imagine having 2 or 3 along your drive or pathway or even scattered throughout your garden.

This particular fountain is made from resin so it’s pretty tough and will withstand any weather conditions.

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Review: API 970 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

API 970 20 inch heated bird bathIf you live in an area where the temperature dips a little lower than is good for water in the birdbath, you may have gone through a number of options for keeping some water, not ice, available for visiting birds.

The problem with most heating mechanisms that go in birdbaths is they are unattractive bags that are little more than a heating pad put in the birdbath to keep part of the water from freezing. While the job is done, there is something about seeing that heating pad in the water that makes it so much less aesthetically pleasing.

Instead, the API 970 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Standhas been designed to do the job while still looking as attractive as ever. In this case, instead of adding a heating unit to the birdbath, the birdbath is the heating unit.

This birdbath comes with a built in thermostat that will make sure the water stays at the right temperature so the birds can always have a drink, even when the mercury drops.

This is a completely self-sufficient unit with the birdbath on a metal stand that is ready to stand up in the yard, plug in and go to work keeping your birds happy.

In addition to making sure their water doesn’t freeze, the birdbath is also created to have a comfortable perch rim so the birds can land and stand easily.

What We Like

  • The whole birdbath stays thawed instead of just a little area around a heating insert.
  • It’s much more attractive than the heating pads you simply pop into the birdbath.
  • The built-in thermostat does the job without you having to run outside to turn the power on and off.
  • The stand is easy to put together.

How to Clean Your Outdoor Bird Bath

Cleaning a birdbath is a dirty job, but one that must be done. Your feathered friends will thank you. Not to mention a clean birdbath will attract many more birds than a dirty one.

There’s not much to keeping a bird bath clean you just need to do a little bit of periodic maintenance to keep the birds flocking around all year round.

Here’s how to clean a bid bath the easy way.

  • The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the old water in the bath. Simply tip the birdbath over on its side and let all the old stale water run out onto the ground. If there’s just a little bit of dirt in the bottom of the birdbath you can just blast it out with a garden hose. This will remove any loose debris and you’re back in business.
  • If you have any mold or mildew growing in the bottom of the bowl you’ll want to use a commercial mold killer, diluted bleach or other bird bath cleaner to attack it. Use a spray bottle and soak the entire interior of the bowl with a cleaning solution. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to kill the mold and then rinse out.
  • If there is still mildew in the bowl repeat the process but use a scrub pad or scrub brush while wearing gloves to scrub out any scum.  Then hose the birdbath off to make sure there’s no residue that might hurt the birds.
  • Stand the birdbath back up and fill it with fresh clean water.  If you want to limit the growth of mildew in the bottom of the bowl you can place a piece of copper in the bottom of the birdbath. Copper reacts with the water making it more difficult for mildew to get a purchase and flourish.

Benefits of a Heated Bird Bath

20 inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl - No Stand

20 inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl – No Stand

There’s nothing like a birdbath in your backyard. A birdbath is a great attractant for wild birds. You can sit at your windows for hours and watch them frolic. Unfortunately if you live anywhere that has a cold winter your birdbath won’t work for part of the year. If you want to keep the birds flocking to your backyard all year long consider a heated birdbath. There are quite a few benefits of a heated birdbath.

Birds All Year Round

With a heated birdbath your bath will be one of those rare places that have open water. Since every living thing needs to stay hydrated, birds will flock to any water source not iced over. Chances are they won’t be splashing around like during the summer but at least you’ll still be able to get a few bright splashes of color on a dreary winter day.

Protect the Bird Bath

When water freezes it expands. This means that if your birdbath isn’t heated and left full of water you can risk it cracking when ice forms. A heated bath eliminates this danger. Since the water stays above freezing all winter long you don’t have to worry about the bath shattering in the dead of winter as ice and snow pile up everywhere else.


With a heated birdbath you don’t have to worry about winterizing it. Instead you can just plug the bath in to a standard GFCI protected outlet and you’re done. Keep it running all winter long then unplug it once the weather warms up. You don’t have to worry about dismantling and disassembling the birdbath, turning the bowl upside down or lugging a heavy piece of statuary inside.

With a heated birdbath you get to see birds all year, and you don’t have to worry about winterizing the bath. The cost to operate it is negligible compared to the benefit you will get from it.

Specialty 1 Light 12v Bird Bath – Aged Bronze Finish


Add some old world charm to your garden with this sturdy bronze finished bird bath that has a subtle down light.

The Aged bronze finish of the Specialty 1 Light 12v Bird Bath – Aged Bronze Finish
blends beautifully into the natural look of the garden. The dark brown bronze color is touched with light flecks adding to its charm.

The down light casts a subtle light onto the surrounding flower beds and gardens in the evening, while during the day you will be entertained by the birds calling by to frolic in the water.

The Cotswold bird bath measures 23″  in width x 33.5 inched in height.

The lighting is provided by  one  18.5 watt Wedge S8 bulb.

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A Quick Guide to Choosing a Bird Bath

As spring arrives you may be thinking of ways to make your yard much more enjoyable of a place to spend some time. A great way to do this is to add a few features that will bring nature to your yard, like a birdbath.

Birds love having a place to hang out and take a bath as well as get a drink. But before you make a purchase you should make sure you know what to get.


The first thing you need to consider is the size of the birdbath that you want to put in your back yard. This only matters if you have a smaller backyard as you don’t want to have a birdbath that looks out of place.


When it comes to the birds, they are not planning on going for a major swim. They want something they can comfortably stand in. You want to make sure the birdbath is only about 3 inches deep. Additionally, you will want to only put about 2 inches of water in it.

Standing Space

It is vital you make sure the base of the birdbath is a place where your feathered friends will be comfortable standing. water can make any surface rather slick so you need to make sure that there is a rough and textured bottom to give your bird friends a little extra help in gripping the base of the bath.

Sturdy Construction

Most birdbaths come in two pieces, a base and a top where the water goes. You need to make sure that these two pieces hold together well. Otherwise, nosey cats, dogs and raccoons may well pull the top over and break your new birdbath. You may want to use some sort of adhesive to attach the two pieces together.

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