Easy Backyard Birdwatching

The backyard bird watching phenomenon has become growing in popularity with a select group of hobbyists.  It has definite advantages as well as some drawbacks .  It allows for the ability to relax in ones own backyard without the inconvenience of tramping through forests and swamps in search of  our feathered friends .  If there are pesky bugs or other less than desirable company , the fridge is just a few steps away back into the house .

It often takes a balance of skill and luck at times to find the rarer species but happily is something anyone can do.  By enticing different birds into the backyard it becomes even easier to watch birds in comfort .

For homebody enthusiasts step one is creating a back yard that will attract your favorite different birds .    But respect that birds are  a favorite of most cats.  It does absolutely no good to bring in birds only to have the cats attack them.  Carefully position your birdbaths or feeders to prevent a sneak attack.

Your bird watching backyard can be started by planting a selection of trees, flowers and shrubs . They provide food, resting spots and shelter for the birds you want to watch .  Depending on the birds you want to attract your choice of trees and flowers will vary . Check out a bird book or the Internet for information on the birds in your region. Don’t forget to offer food for birds in the winter as well.  Some of the most rewarding backyard birdwatching days might be during the winter.

You should also know that some varieties of plants can be poisonous to humans, take the time to  check with the nursery expert when picking out various plants and flowers for your backyard.

The next step is to choose the right  feeders.  Like everything else that will attract them, different backyard birdfeeders are suited to different species .  Again, a little thoughtful research is in order .

When the landscape and food is in place, birds will show up and maybe even choose to nest.  If there is a proper bird house, nesting birds will soon make their homes and might continue to come back each year .

The bird watching hobby is one that can continue to grow year by year and is not restricted by age.  Creating a retreat for birds in your backyard is well worth the investment .