What to Look for when Buying a Bird Bath Fountain

Decorative Three Tier Birdbath Fountain

Decorative Three Tier Birdbath Fountain

Knowing what to look for when buying a birdbath fountain is pretty easy. In its most basic form a birdbath is just a shallow pool of water. You can make that from pretty much anything. However if you want something a bit more decorative there are all sorts of options available.

The first thing to look for when buying a birdbath is a unit that will hold up over time. They cost a little bit more, but a concrete bath and pedestal will last for many, many years. The extra weight of the base and fountain unit ensures that it won’t tip over or go sailing off in heavy storms.

You’ll want to keep your new birdbath clean and mold free. So when buying one look for one that doesn’t have any intricate patterns in the bowl unit. These are much harder to clean than  a slick bottomed birdbath. The birds won’t care as long as they have a place to splash and play.

Choose a birdbath that has a separate base and bowl unit. It will be much lighter if you need to move it or dump the old water out when cleaning.

Finally look for a birdbath fountain that fits your garden. They don’t need to be huge ornate structures. You can find ground level pools as well as elevated units. Just pick something that works well in your garden.

What to look for when buying a birdbath is a cinch. Any item you choose will make the birds happy. You’ll get hours of enjoyment as you sit on the back porch watching them splash and play.  Just look for the unit that fits your home and isn’t too heavy for you to easily tip over to clean out.

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