Review: API 650 Bird Bath Bowl with Tilt-to-Clean Deck Rail Mounting Bracket

api-645-bird-bath-bowlWhether you’re a birdwatcher or just love the idea of nature feeling at home in your backyard, you may already have a collection of bird feeders about the yard. But have you come up with a way for the birds to get a drink or clean up? You need a birdbath.

For many people the idea of a birdbath means a lot of work to keep it clean. They picture a birdbath being something that soon becomes stagnant and then has to be disassembled to be cleaned. Or, even worse, something that larger animals will pull over and break to see what is inside.

But the API 650 Bird Bath Bowl with it’s Tilt-to-Clean Deck Rail Mounting Bracket solves all of those problems. With this birdbath all you have to do is clip it to the side of your deck (with the clamps that are included) and when its time to clean it out, you simply tip it to the side, as it has a hinge fitting. This will let you clean it with little to no work. Additionally, since it is made out of plastic and clamped into place,  animals can’t tip it over and break it.

The bowl of this birdbath is 20 inches in diameter with a depth of 2″,  and the edge is made specifically API Tilt to Clean Bird Bathfor the grip of small birds to make them more comfortable using it.

What We Like

  • Since the basin is made of plastic it will not break and shatter like ceramic and clay birdbaths if it is pulled over by other animals.
  • The screw bracket is easy to use to attach this to the side of the deck.
  • Comes with a tilt control so you can dump it out and freshen up the water without having to take the whole thing apart.
  • The 120 volt heater operates at 150 watts and the the power cord can be stored underneath the basin when it isn’t required.

Note: It can take some work to get the balance and tension just right to keep the birdbath in place without it tipping on it’s own.
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