Birdbath with Solar Light and Planter

Solar Bird Bath with Light and PlanterI have seen a lot of novel ideas where birdbaths are concerned. Some are great, others no so much, but here is one I like very much and want to share with you.

When you are considering garden decor you have lots of choice including solar lights, birdbaths and planter. So some smart cookie has thought ‘why not combine all three elements’. And that’s exactly what they have done with this all in one Birdbath with Solar Light and Planters.

This distinctive looking combination of bird bath, planters and lamp frame is made from plastic that has been given an attractive antique  metal look finish.

Just think of the colorful flowers that you can plant to compliment the colors of the local bird life as it swoops down to drink and splash around in the basin, while at night the solar lights will cast a glow over the whole thing.

Now this is just the sort of thing that you can have more than one of. Just imagine having 2 or 3 along your drive or pathway or even scattered throughout your garden.

This particular fountain is made from resin so it’s pretty tough and will withstand any weather conditions.

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The Advantages of Solar Powered Bird Baths

boy-with-dog-solar-powered-bird-bath-garden-statueOne increasingly popular types of bird baths on the market are solar powered birdbaths.

These birdbaths  literally operate with the help of the sun. The sun’s rays heat the water of the bird bath, even in the colder months of the year, making sure your feathered friends always have a place to bathe with fresh water.


Choosing a solar powered bird bath may cost a little more up front, although they are becoming less expensive all the time.

But if you have a lot of cold days in your area, you will appreciate the money it will save you in the long run. When everyone else is adding heaters to their birdbaths or plugging in pumps to make the water circulate, you will be able to relax knowing that the birds that visit your garden are cozy and happy without you having had to pay any extra for the privilege of providing year round usable water.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of using solar powered birdbaths is that they do not use any power to operate. Since they operate using the suns rays, you will save on precious resources like electricity while still circulating and warming water for the birds.


Some people shy away from solar powered birdbaths thinking they are going to be a lot of work to put together. This is not the case, they require no more work than normal, run of the mill birdbaths. In some cases they are easier as there is no wiring to deal with, just set them in place and they’re ready to work.


There are a number of options available when it comes to solar powered birdbaths. From those that will just heat the water to complete fountains that your birds can enjoy, the limitations are only your preferences and budget.

The Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath From Bird The Bird Bath Experts

Looking for an attractive solar powered bird bath water fountain for your garden area the why not take a look at the Portsmouth bird bath from

The Portsmouth birdbath is designed to provide a somewhere to bathe and play. Birds are attracted to the  fountain by the sound of splashing water and the Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain add an air of elegance to your garden.

The water  is provided in a continuous flow as it drains  down through the basin and is recycled back to the birdbath  from  the hidden reservoir.

There is a 2-inch bathing provided for the birds to bath and the bowl holds about 1 gallon of water.

As moving water does not become stagnant, you will be untroubled by mosquitoes that may normally hatch in still water.

By simply adding a 2-inch extender tube you can increase the spray height of the water, to decrease the spray height you just remove the extender tube.

You can even leave this bird bath outdoors year-round; simply remove the pump and solar panel for storage  in a dry and frost proof place, and insert the included winterizing plate.

This pump does have a filter to prevent build-up it is  recommended that you clean it every couple of months, depending on the level of build-up accumulated.

The pump must never be operated dry (out of water). Dry operation permanently damages the pump.

The Portsmouth Solar Bird Bath Water Fountain operates in direct sunlight, using a solar panel to power a low-voltage water pump. The solar panel must sit in the bowl of the bird bath. There is no wiring required you  simply install according to the instructions and sit back to enjoy watching the birds as they bathe and play.

Because the solar power panel uses the power of the sun, there are no operating costs.

Here are some other very attractive solar bird baths you may like:

All About Solar Bird Baths

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting and watching birds in your own garden.  This is now the second most popular hobby in the USA – the first one being gardening!  If you would like to bring birds in, you need to supply food, shelter and water.  Birds need water for drinking and bathing and an ornamental bird bath will supply both of those needs and enhance your outdoor space!  For ease of maintenance and for a variety of other reasons which we will cover, a solar bird bath is a great choice.

What is a Solar Bird Bath?

The bowl of the bird bath has a solar powered panel inside it.  During the day, the panel collects energy from the sun’s rays and this energy powers a pump which is inside a reservoir, hidden in the base of the bath.  The pump circulates the water around the bath (and through an integral fountain, if that is the design you choose) which prevents the water from becoming stagnant.

Does it Need Wiring or Plumbing in?

No – that’s one of the greatest benefits of a solar powered bird bath.  You can put it anywhere that you like as long as the surface is flat.  This opens up your garden design choices as you don’t need to have it near a power source or plumbing outlet. These baths are also don’t cost anything to run as there is no electricity involved and the sun’s rays are free!

What if it’s not Sunny?

If the weather in your area is changeable, look for a model which allows energy from the sun to either go directly to the pump or to charge a battery pack for night time and or for overcast weather.

What Sort of Maintenance Does it Need?

Solar bird baths are low maintenance.  Some people think that because the baths are solar powered, the water is heated but this is a misconception. In fact, a solar bird bath may be damaged by cold weather so the solar panel must be taken out and replaced with a regular insert during the winter.  This is quick and easy to do and only takes a matter of minutes. Like all bird baths, it is recommended that you clean it regularly.  You may choose to use natural enzyme treatments – such as those used in fish tanks- to keep the water fresher for longer.  This won’t harm the birds and will stop nasty slime from growing on your lovely bird bath.

What are the Advantages of a Solar Bird Bath?

They are better at attracting birds to your garden because the solar powered pump keeps the water constantly moving.  The birds have eyesight which can see changes in motion at great distance but they don’t see still water so well.  So they’ll notice your solar bath much more easily! Also, as mentioned, you get the pleasure of moving water (which may or may not include a fountain, depending on which model you choose) without the hassle of plumbing or electricity – which also gives you absolute freedom of placement. If you choose a regular bath with no pump, it is essential that you clean it out at least every three days.  Water that stands still for any longer than that can become a breeding place for mosquitoes which can carry West Nile Virus.  This could be very dangerous for you and the birds that come to your garden.

What is the West Nile Virus?

It can cause fever, headache, tiredness, and body aches, sometimes with a skin rash (on the trunk of the body) and swollen lymph glands. The illness can be as short as a few days or it can go on for longer.  Even previously fit and healthy people have reported being sick for several weeks.  In extreme cases, it can be fatal.  In 2008, 44 in the USA died from it.  If you would like to learn more about this, take a look at the Center for Disease Control’s West Nile Website. While you can use DEET based repellents to stop mosquitoes from biting you, birds are not able to do this and so they are a risk.  It’s virtually impossible to know how many birds in the wild have died from this but some tracking has been undertaken and it is known that tens of thousands have died in many states. A solar bird bath prevents standing water and so the mosquitoes have nowhere to breed.

Go Solar!

So you have no running costs, ease of maintenance, freedom of positioning, a good way to attract birds and safety for yourself and your feathered friends.  No wonder solar bird baths have become so hugely popular!